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You can leverage routines to accomplish a lot with little effort. This episode will look at setting up routines to help your family win. Brandon and Michael will share some simple habits you apply with your family and help you understand what this can look like to form your own routines.
Problem: we are scattered
Solution: routines help us to create a safe place for our family
Result: you can get more accomplished as you leverage how people think.
  • Routines comfort our family and provides security
  • We can leverage them to help us not micromanage an area
  • Incentivize routines to establish them
  • Morning routine
  • Set up the day by going through the schedule
  • Bedtime routine
  • Look at the next day
  • 15 min clean up
  • Weekly routine of planning the week (point to the MFP download)
  • Others: go to the beach, Sunday church

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As leaders in organizations, you have all kinds of tools in place to plan, organize, and grow. what if you could implement this approach in your family to help you thrive at home and not just survive.