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How can you use the rhythms of your everyday life to strengthen your family. In this episode, Brandon interviews Michael about a recent business trip to Atlanta to create memories with his son. 
What was the purpose?
  • Worked for 2 days and played for 1 day
Train Him
  • I want to pass on what I have learned so he can stand on my shoulders
  • He does not have to do what I do
  • I want him to have a profitable skill when he leaves my house
  • Train him up in our values and vision as a family
  • Point him toward God
Create a Moment
  • When he thinks of his childhood, I want him to know he was loved well
  • One on one time (open ended to allow for conversation)
  • Shape his identity as a Persaud and ultimately as a child of God
  • We remember the moments, let’s be intentional (photos and video capture)
  • Share with his siblings
Have Fun
  • Have fun together
  • Learn something new
  • Took Judah to the Georgia Aquarium to see what God has created and to be in awe
  • Coke Museum was to see what a man created and achieved
  • I want to leverage my business to serve my family; they are the priority.

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