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When your marriage is successful, then you will see your parenting succeed. Date nights are necessary for building a great family so you have to plan it. In this episode, we unpack what it looks like to plan a successful date night that is fresh and fun.
Problem: Planning Date Night and keeping it fresh
Solution: have a list of restaurants and activities you enjoy
Result: You’ll be able to keep it fresh and know she will enjoy it
  • Come to date night and have no plan
  • Johna got upset when I asked her for list, now she loves that she has access to the list and I can still surprise her
  • What you and melissa enjoy doing on a date night
  • We like going to the beach area/downtown – getaway
  • Sometimes we go to a place close by
  • Create a plan
  • Budget for date night
  • Create google doc or shared note on phones
  • Write out list of favorite restaurants and activities
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As leaders in organizations, you have all kinds of tools in place to plan, organize, and grow. what if you could implement this approach in your family to help you thrive at home and not just survive.