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Family vacations are often stressful and you come back more tired that when you started. In this episode we will talk about how to create a “why” for your vacation and let the “why” lead your “what” you do.  In the end, you will have a vacation with purpose and get the most out of it.
Problem: we go on vacation and it is stressful
Solution: have your “why” defined so you make decisions accordingly
Result: You’ll make the most of the time together and enjoy the journey
  • Is the vacation for rest or play; make decisions accordingly
  • Michael – we like to play hard; more tired when we get back
  • Financially prepare, so you are not stressed; have a budget set aside
  • Brandon – Season passes to Sea World
  • Michael – tell a story of a great vacation (Branson; season passes to SDC)
  • Familiarity creates a lasting impression
  • Kid-friendly town with lots of options to get out and do
  • Good distance from where we lived
  • Good price point for us

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As leaders in organizations, you have all kinds of tools in place to plan, organize, and grow. what if you could implement this approach in your family to help you thrive at home and not just survive.