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Christmas, gifts, vacations, date nights, days off, and other family related expenses should shape our budget.  In this episode, we will talk about the different buckets you should have in your budget based on your family vision and values.
Problem: How do you budget according to your Family Plan
Solution: Set aside money for the different buckets in your plan
Result: You will stay on track for your financial goals and building your family
  • How should budget reflect your family plan? Create buckets
  • Our vacation
  • Christmas memories or gifts?
  • How should the budget reflect your family plan?
  • Vision is an intended future and it takes money to make it
  • A strategic plan is how you budget
  • Vacation
  • Trip- w/ kids
  • 777- w/o kids
  • Day off envelope
  • Date night
How will you retire
  • Take all grandkids to Disney
  • Kids date envelope
  • What are you going to say no to because it does not match brand?
  • Buy new car or family vacation


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As leaders in organizations, you have all kinds of tools in place to plan, organize, and grow. what if you could implement this approach in your family to help you thrive at home and not just survive.