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Whether you have kids or are in a relationship you have different gifting and personality. In this episode, we will discuss each person in your family discovering their purpose and how to develop it.

  • Problem: How to you help your child discover God’s purpose for them
  • Solution: Develop their knowledge and skills
  • Result: You children will have skills they can use and step into it.

  • Working to support the family not working to become an individual 
    • Raise them up in what we know
  • Schooling choices
    • Homeschool experience – Brandon & Michael
    • Public or private school
      • Not just around peers
      • Be around me as I work
  • The family business – used to develop the child
    • Story of my business – Michael
    • Story of the church – Brandon
  • Giftings
    • Brandon
      • Levi- athlete, math science, leadership, media
      • Eden- Creative, music, art, cosmetology 
    • Michael
      • Profession you are in
      • Persaud’s are creative, we do business


    • What’s Next by Chris Hodges
    • Family Revision by Jeremy Prior

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As leaders in organizations, you have all kinds of tools in place to plan, organize, and grow. what if you could implement this approach in your family to help you thrive at home and not just survive.