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Vacations can often be extremely expensive, leaving us more tired than we started, and leave us wandering if it was worth it. In this episode, Michael will share how he designed a vacation to build his family and how there was purpose at every step.

  • What did you do?
    • Festival – get out of town for a week and remember God’s goodness
    • 4 days at the various Disney parks
  • Why did you do that?
    • Allows me ad a father to focus my best energy on my family
      • Prepared in advance; prayer, notes, discussions with Melissa
      • Discussions with kids about being grateful
    • To coach up my children in our values – Game day moment
      • I needed a game-day environment
      • Waiting in line, not everything goes as planned, must compromise
      • People around us are not Christian
    • To be a father – masculine; push them a bit
      • We walked over 33 miles
      • Rode some extreme rides and ate some new foods
    • To point to God and point out the sin in our world
      • Show them the people around who are not living godly; show the gay flag; explain trans; mom who was being mean to her child
      • We are living a greater story than one that is just about us (Walt Disney build a great work, you can too)
      • Point to the way God intends the family to work; marriage, mom, dad, kids
      • We need self-control (example: eating too much sugar, overweight people)
  • How did you create moments in the journey?
    • Complemented each child and what we saw in them
    • Each child – Melissa and I took turns having 1 on 1 time with each child
    • They each picked their ride for that day
    • Took lots of pictures
    • Cultivated friendship around the siblings – lots of respect, compliments, love
  • How did you pay for it?
    • We have a vacation fund that is automated
    • Business profits – percentage of sales 
    • Kids “raised” money for part of the tickets


    • Book: Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon

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