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Parents who do things intentionally can see their children thrive in life as their identity is based on Biblical truth. Their relationships are strong, and they are able to pass on wisdom to add value to the people they love the most.

Children stand on their parents’ shoulders and go further in life in a faster time. As a parent, you will look back and be proud of what you have accomplished in the things that matter the most.

We are dedicated to those who believe that the greatest thing they accomplish in life may not be something they do, but someone they raise.

  • Get a Clear Vision
  • Establish Your Values
  • Get a Proven Strategy

Meet the Persaud Tribe

Michael did not grow up with a father and realized he needed help to get fatherhood right when his wife Melissa gave birth to their first child. He did what he knew to do: he created a brand for his family.

For a decade, Michael created brand strategies for organizations to provide them with clarity that results in the fulfillment of their vision. This mindset leads him to define a brand for his family.

Michael designed a brand poster for the house with the family’s vision, mission, and purpose statement. Together, he and Melissa decided on their core values and added them to the poster.

This tool guided their family to step into a mission to move across the country as part of a church plant in South Florida. Because of the clarity of having a family brand, they can make decisions aligned with who God has called them to be.

They now have a couple of businesses and homeschool their four kids. They serve at Vibrant Church on the weekend and often enjoy a local beach. The Persauds love to travel and explore new areas of the country.

Meet the Sereg Family

Brandon has the heart to help families get it right. He served in youth ministry for many years before moving his family across the country to start a church in South Florida.

Brandon and Johna have four children and together they pastor Vibrant Church. They prioritize their family as they help others to discover the purpose God has for them.

In their home you will find their values on written on the walls and they have regular discussions with their children about what it means to be a Sereg.

The Sereg children are homeschooled and enjoy getting out for a beach day often. 

Your Family Is Under Attack

The classic family is under attack in our culture. What God intended is no longer the norm in society. Children and confused, and they reject godly principles in exchange for lies. They live self-centered lives, which leads them to destructive behaviors as they value things that don’t matter.

Young people are swayed by the winds of what culture says about them instead of holding on to the ancient truths from a loving creator. This mindset is destructive to their lives leading them to waste what they have been given by chasing after things that don’t matter.

Young people are confused about who they are. Their identity is fluid which is not what God intended. This leads to anxiety, depression, and a lesser way of life as they look to do what pleases themselves.

Parents Are Overwhelmed

Parents struggle to lead their families down a path where their children know the truth of who they are and build their identity around what God says about them.

As parents, we feel overwhelmed by what our culture tells our children. It seems so much bigger than us. What culture is shouting seems so much louder. We know there is a better way for our children, but we struggle to help them understand what we have learned.

We do good for one season of life, but then find ourselves lost in another. Our own lack of priority makes us feel so lost and aimless in our everyday battle to lead our families well. Our drifting makes us feel like we are letting down those we love the most.

Parents have so many regrets because they look back and see that they blew it with their most meaningful relationships with their spouse and children. They focused on the things that did not matter and overlooked the most significant people.

Struggles of Parents

As parents, we fear watching helplessly as our children struggle as adults because we failed to give our best when the kids were younger.

Fathers are brokenhearted as they watch their children struggle in life, and they feel helpless. If only they had worked on their relationships with those closest to them instead of working to build their own reputation.

Mothers are overwhelmed and are not prioritizing the things that really matter. They look back at their years, realizing they were so busy that they missed the best moments of their lives.

Most parents want their children to have strong values but don’t take the time to write down what those are. They hope for the best and try to teach a value whenever they think about it. Before they know it, their children are too grown, and they feel like they have blown it.

Parents hope for the best from their parenting to raise up great adults but don’t have a roadmap to help them achieve the desired outcome. They drift along without prioritizing their family so they have regrets because they know they could have done a better job.

Culture shapes our children and gives them its values. One day we realize that our children don’t share the same things we think are important and we wonder what happened.

We want our children to go further than we were able to, but most parents don’t have a plan to make this a reality. They shoot from the hip in an area that matters more than any other thing in their lives.

God Has A Better Way

Jarod & Jess’s Story

Jarod and Jess went through the My Family Planner course and placed the planner on their wall. Every week they plan each day to be in alignment with their values and desired outcomes. This clarity has made a difference as they intentionally live their days to create a strong family.

They now have a clear vision for what they want to create. They have defined values that will help them get there. Each week they create a simple plan by using the My Family Planner to give them confidence that they are moving toward a better story for their family.


What if there was a way to make each day count toward what really matters in the end?


What if there was a way to eliminate regrets, so you look back and realize you did your best with the children God gave you?


What if you could ensure that your children live out the purpose God intended for them?

Learn how to think at a higher level by getting a guide who can show you the way. You need concepts rooted in the Bible to successfully navigate parenting in our culture. Most parents don’t have a degree to prepare them for this vital job, but smart parents find a guide.

Write down the vision for what success looks like for your family. Then create a road map to help you lead your family toward that vision. You’ll teach your values to your children, so they ultimately stand on your shoulders to go further in life.

Plan your days, weeks, months, and years toward your dream for your family. Get a tool to help you plan in the right areas so you live your days intentionally.

The My Family Planner is designed to guide you to live each day toward building your dream for your family. You’ll have a system in place to help you win.


The planner is simple to use with prompts to help you be thoughtful in the areas that will get you results with your family.


You will customize your family plan to fit your values. Your plan will feel right, and you will have fun executing it because it’s in line with what you enjoy.


A habit for making your family a priority will develop that will lead to compounding success in your relationships.


Each day you will live with confidence knowing you are headed in the right direction. Life gets hectic, but you’ll know where you’re going so you don’t lose your way.


The My Family Planner comes with a course to help you create your vision, values, and strategy. You’ll have a customized plan that is just right for you after completing our course. The plan is then applied using the My Family Planner each week.


You will evaluate your family every week to make adjustments. Because of your constant attention, you will see where there are troubled areas so you can address them before they become big problems.


Communication will increase with your spouse and children. This will create a stronger bond as you show love and respect for each other. Everyone will be rowing in the same direction, which will cause unity.


You will have less confrontations as your family has a regular time to discuss things away from the heat of the moment. This is also a time to celebrate each other and your accomplishments.


Your family will live on a mission to work together. This will give you purpose as you fight to defeat a common enemy and make an impact in the world.

Definitely helped us identify the values we’d like our family to have and practice . Also helped us align our parenting with scripture and raise our children to know the written truth, not that “worldly truth”. Identity was a big one too! It made me realize the importance of having an identity in Christ before anything

Chris & Amanda

Being in the parenting group is one of the best things that has happened to our family. Our marriage, our relationship with our children and the way we parent our children has been tremendously different. Our family now has  goals and values that not only guide the way we live, but also guide the way we relate to others. We highly recommend this program not just to young families but to every family that aspire to raise their family in a Christ centered home.

Kayode & Jessica

It places parenting in order, because many times as parents just like anything can be all over the place. The group helped with different outlooks that we’d never imagine nor think of (i.e. vision statements)

Gordi & Brittney

Great Families Happen On Purpose

Three-Month Planner

Why three months? In business, you win the year by winning each quarter of the year. Three months provides enough time to sprint ward a vision and get wins and then make adjustments for the next 3-month sprint.

The My Family Planner is designed to help you evaluate your family plan every three months and refresh your vision, values, and mission as needed. You will then write them again and then plan your weeks around them.

Pre-order the My Family Planner wall planner to continue your intentional journey with your family, leading to a higher way of living. Don’t be like most families that fall apart, but live with purpose to achieve the results you dream of.

Bonus My Family Brand Masterclass

As a bonus, you will get the My Family Brand Masterclass to help you create your plan. It’s a step-by-step guide with a workbook, so you will have what you need to plan each year, month, week, and day toward the outcomes you desire.

Planner & Masterclass

Here is what you get when you pre-order.

The Wall Planner

This weekly planner is designed to cover the bases for your family to move toward your vision on the straightest path.

It’s a 12-inch wide by 24-inch tall, well-designed, spiral-bound planner that will look great on your wall.

  • Write your vision – make it plain
  • Define your mission
  • Make your values visible
  • Know your compass points
  • Plan your routines
  • Record your value for the week
  • Plan a date night
  • Put down events for each day
  • Plan your day off
  • Decide on your meals each day

Free Bonus: The Masterclass

Because you are pre-ordering the My Family Planner wall planner, we will give you our Masterclass for free. You’ll get this immediately after ordering. It’s a $200 value!

We will guide you through these steps below in 14 training videos and an accompanying PDF workbook:

  • Imagine your family brand
  • Define your vision
  • Discover the timeless compass points
  • Create your values
  • Establish the culture
  • Make Great moments
  • Parent with purpose
  • Own the strategy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can get a full refund if you don’t feel that the My Family Planner will benefit your family. Just ask. You can keep the Masterclass as a gift for trying the wall planner.


Pre-order the My Family Planner wall planner.

Pre-order the 12-inch by 24-inch tall three-month wall planner. We are doing pre-orders now until October 1st when we will ship the planners.

Our goal is to get 250 pre-orders, if we don’t, we will refund you the full amount. You will get to keep our Masterclass ($200 value) as a gift.